Monday, 9 July 2012

Lilly's 3rd Birthday

In 2 days I have a cake due for a little girl's 3rd birthday. She lives on a strawberry farm, and loves strawberries I'm told, so I have designed for her a 2 1/2 level cake strawberry fantasy garden. The base will be a 9x13'' cake split and filled, with the top 2 levels being 1 9x3'' round cake cut vertically off center and placed upon itself. It will be mostly a BC frosted cake, with buttercream flowers and details with a few fondant decorations mixed in, and then some sugar cookie cake toppers to finish it off.

Here's how we turned out!
Lilly's 3rd Birthday- Strawberry Fantasy Garden Cake
Fondant strawberry decorations and royal icing butterflies
Happy 3rd Birthday Lilly! Hope You Like Your Cake!

Please visit Lilly's Farm at Fruition Berry Farms for a great day of family fun!
You can visit Fruition's site at:

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