Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Damask 80th Birthday Cake

fondant roses, chocolate filigree
Damask 80th Birthday Cake
I love damask, and I have not yet had the opportunity to put it on a cake. This weekend is our family reunion and my aunt's 80th birthday, so for her I have designed a very elegant 2 tier square cake, with a lemon cake base and lemon curd filling.

It will be donned with damask and quilting, and accented with edible pearls and fondant roses. The accent colors are pink and lavender, with a white base and black damask piping and borders. I am also adding chocolate filigree to the bottom tier sides, and placing a matching style of filigree on the top of the cake.

Damask 80th Birthday Cake- Top
fondant roses, quilting, chocolate filigree
Damask 80th Birthday Cake- Front

Fondant Roses and Chocolate Filigree

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