Thursday, 9 August 2012

You'll Never Walk Alone: Liverpool FC

Liverpool Football Club Logo
Yay more soccer fans!

This weekend I made a Liverpool Soccer (Football) Fan Cake for a joint father-daughter birthday party (love it!). They are both mega fans of Liverpool FC so I made them a surprise birthday cake and incorporated as much LFC fan stuff as I could fit onto it.
I chose to make a stadium cake, I had never done one before and really wanted to so I gave it a whirl and it turned out great. It had a 9x13 2 layer base, with 2 more layers carved and stacked for the stadium bleachers. I left one long side open so that the center of the field could easily be seen.
On the center field, I hand piped the LFC logo, and wrote Happy Brithday (centre) Neil (left) Tegan (right) in the green banner at the bottom. I built miniature soccer nets as well as a red and white soccer ball to also go on the field.
For the audience, I individually hand piped [way to many] dots using the LFC fan colors, and made miniature flags and banners out of fondant to place amongst the crowd.
On the very back of the cake I wrote "This Is Anfield" the sign that people entering the stadium go under at the entrance, and threw on some LFC fan facts on the stadium upper walls.

Front- Liverpool FC Soccer Fan Cake

LFC Liverpool Football Fan
Back- Liverpool Soccer Fan Cake

Field- Liverpool Football Club Soccer Fan Cake

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