Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Little Pony

This week I am doing a birthday cake for a little girl who is turning 5, and loves My Little Pony- in particular "Fluttershy". 
 So for her I have designed a 2 tier cake (carrot cake- great choice for pony lovers) that is going to have an 8" round bottom and a 6" round top. The base tier will be a soft cream yellow, with small butterflies and carrots piped on, and the top tier will be pink with quilted lines and edible pearls! Of course topped off with a pretty fondant bow...Oooh La La!
Top of the cake- Hand-piped pony

On the very top of the cake I am going to hand pipe an image of Fluttershy which I have hand-drawn out to be holding a flag with a birthday banner on it.
Front of cake- Bow replaces where Fluttershy is

Here's what I have for her so far...

...the bow is going to be sitting on the shelf of the bottom tier and trailing down the cake.
My Fondant Bow (Lavender)

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